Taiyo Nobata. Daily Dreamer’s Production designer

Taiyo Nobata. Daily Dreamer’s Production designer

Today we want you to meet our Production designer, Taiyo Nobata. He originates from Tokyo and has a background in Industrial Design. Taiyo has started his career in film as a set dresser back in Japan, and since he got his diploma at LA film school, he has been working as Production Designer & Art Director in Los Angeles. 

Hi Taiyo! Let’s talk about you. What determines your talent? What do you do best and what do you enjoy the most in your work?
I am a Production designer.  I tell the stories through visuals such as colors, shapes, and textures. Creating history of the world which the character lives in with particular styles of set design, furniture, props, graphics and costumes.

Sequin fabric. Photo from Taiyo’s pre-production album for The Daily Dreamer.

What was the most challenging part of making the film?
The director Maria had very specific visions for the visual and I loved it. My challenge  was how to apply my ideas and vision, I believe we could inspire each other and got a bigger solution.

What is your work routine on the project, what is the worst part and the fun part?
I always start from Paper and pen, sketches. I’d say that’s my favorite part of my job. Your ideas come from your brain to your hand and you can play ideas on paper. That’s pure creativity. I wouldn’t name the worst part, but the process of executing creativity to real life is bit harder.

What was your biggest inspiration for the film?
I think I loved the concept of the story first. There is very interesting and poetic contrast between Aurora and M. Aurora is freshman journalist who searches truth in real world. On the other hand, M is an old man, had been going through his history and experiences, he understands there is no truth in this world, you only find the happiness in your dreams.

Aurora or M? Are you a realist or a dreamer?
I feel ultimately I am a dreamer. Or I always want to be. But I tend to think about everything in realistic way.

Are you a morning or a night person?
One of my current goals is becoming a morning person. But night is attractive and addictive.

Taiyo’s first sketch for The Daily Dreamer.

What are the perfect conditions for a perfect sleep?
Chill summer night, open windows (half way) and closed shades, feeling the breeze of the ocean, and sleeping on a “Futon”.

Taiyo on set of The Daily Dreamer, adjusting a crown on the Golden Lady’s head (Gigi Dia)

Do you dream? Do you enjoy it or it frightens you?
Well it depends, the best dream is when you realize you are in a dream and you can control it however you want. Sometimes I have nightmares being chased/ fighting with psycho murder.

What about naps during day time?
Nap is a very risky gamble for me. When you want take 15min nap, I tend sleep over and have 4 hours of legit sleep. And it helps you to become more night person also.

Taiyo’s sketch for the transition sequence Office sleep/Beach dream.

Can technology or art improve your sleep?
Very interesting topic. And I believe someday, people will sleep for awaking in their dreams.         

Can you name a professional in your field that had/has interesting sleeping habits or prophetic dreams?
He is not in my field but a Japanese athlete Sō Takei,  he is an extremely short sleeper, he sleeps only 45 minutes a day. Scientists have researched on his health and body functions, but he is even more healthy than normal people.

After a small research we found out that Sō Takei, Japanese celebrity and a decathlon athlete is really the adept of the sleep deprivation. He sleeps less then 1 hour per night, sometimes using short naps during the day. This sleeping pattern was extremely popular in Western culture on the border of 19 /20 centuries, and throughout the 20 century it was a common idea, that sleeping is a bad habit and simply laziness. Our next post is going to be devoted to the culture of sleep deprivation and it’s biggest advocate – Thomas Edison. It will be a story with a twist. Stay tuned and sleep well.