Immersive audio promenade in Zaryad’ye Park

Sharing some photos from the immersive audio promenade I’ve directed and co-written back in May. The show was a part of a huge event for the Russian School Students’ organization. Kids from all over the country came to Moscow for workshops and activities. Around 1000 people participated in the experience, they were dancing, feeling the vibes of the underground city, meditating in the park, finding hidden treasures. I also came up with an idea of an interactive map, where the kids pinned their photos to their hometowns, located on the map. By the end of the second day, the map was filled with happy faces from all around the country. I wanna thank all of the team: producers, writers, sound design, actors, guides, and admins. You guys rock🤘And special thanks to the scientist and astronaut Sergey Ryazansky, who I finally got to meet and work with✨It was so fun❤️