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  • Gotta Dance short film

    Gotta Dance short film

    A short film I made for a UCLA class back in 2018 with two amazing filmmakers Jess Carichner and Katie Willcockson. Jess is a former tap dancer, and she told me about how she missed dancing sometimes. This film is a reminder for all of us, creators out there, to seek the light within! Hold […]

  • Locations: Arroyo Seco

    Locations: Arroyo Seco

    In the summer of 2019, I got acquainted with a theater group that created immersive experiences, they were looking for a dramaturg for their upcoming summer shows and laboratories.  Because of my expertise in site-specific performances and my passion for psychogeography, I was proposed to write a few notes about a nook in Los Angeles […]

  • I ❤ commute

    I ❤ commute

    Hey there! I’ve been developing this new project of mine and testing out some audio content. It’s basically going to be a secret healing game embedded into modern transit systems. A podcast with audio readings, interviews with scientists, philosophers, and creative professionals, meditations for sleepy and exhausted commuters. So check it out, folks! I ❤ […]