Locations: Arroyo Seco

During the summer of 2019, I became familiar with a theater ensemble specializing in immersive experiences. They were in search of a dramaturg for their upcoming summer productions and workshops. Given my knowledge in site-specific performances and my deep interest in psychogeography, I was asked to compose some observations about a specific spot in Los… Continue reading Locations: Arroyo Seco

On the top of the hill

Before the pandemic, I resided and worked in Los Angeles, where I engaged in various activities, including site-specific events, and dedicated a substantial amount of time to studying my surroundings. On one occasion, while riding in an Uber along Vermont Ave, I made a right turn onto the boulevard and noticed a verdant hill adorned… Continue reading On the top of the hill

Lucrecia de León. The dream spy

The Golden Age of Spain, which began in the momentous and controversial 1492, existed for less than two centuries and brought incredible wealth to the world in the field of geography, science and the arts. On the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Spanish empire was atop of it’s military glory, society… Continue reading Lucrecia de León. The dream spy


Konstantin Melnikov. Architect. Sleep enthusiast

My greatest inspiration, a shining example of an artist,  is Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov.  His work, compressed into a single decade (1923–33), placed Melnikov on the front end of 1920s avant-garde architecture. The young architect quickly found himself pushing the boundaries of a developing avant-garde movement in post-Revolution Russia. With his first major success, the angular Soviet… Continue reading Konstantin Melnikov. Architect. Sleep enthusiast


Gustav Klimt. Goldsmith of Dreams

Symbolism. The cradle of modern dreams. Symbolism first appeared as a literary concept in the late 19th century, but very soon was identified with the artwork of a younger generation of painters who were similarly rejecting the conventions of Naturalism. Symbolist painters believed that art should reflect an emotion or idea rather than represent the… Continue reading Gustav Klimt. Goldsmith of Dreams