Author: Maria Staroselets

  • Continuous Mapping: project review

    Continuous Mapping: project review

    A comprehensive review of one of my recent projects, Continuous Mapping, which took place in Yekaterinburg in September, 2021.

  • Gotta Dance short film

    Gotta Dance short film

    A short film I made for a UCLA class back in 2018 with two amazing filmmakers Jess Carichner and Katie Willcockson. Jess is a former tap dancer, and she told me about how she missed dancing sometimes. This film is a reminder for all of us, creators out there, to seek the light within! Hold […]

  • Locations: Arroyo Seco

    Locations: Arroyo Seco

    In the summer of 2019, I got acquainted with a theater group that created immersive experiences, they were looking for a dramaturg for their upcoming summer shows and laboratories.  Because of my expertise in site-specific performances and my passion for psychogeography, I was proposed to write a few notes about a nook in Los Angeles […]

  • Локации: Арройо Секо

    Локации: Арройо Секо

    Летом 2019 года я познакомилась с театральной группой, которая создавала иммерсивные экспириенсы, они как раз искали драматурга для их предстоящих летних шоу и лабораторий. Из-за моего опыта в сайт-спесифик перформансах и увлеченности в психогеографии, они предложили мне написать несколько заметок об укромном уголке Лос Анджелеса, где они планировали проводить свои мероприятия. Дамба Врата Дьявола, о […]

  • On the top of the hill

    On the top of the hill

    Before the pandemic, I lived and worked in Los Angeles, and was involved, among other things, in site-specific events, and devoted quite a lot of time to researching my habitat. Once I was riding an Uber along Vermont Ave, and turning right onto the boulevard, I noticed a green hill covered with olive trees. Hills […]

  • На вершине холма

    На вершине холма

    До пандемии я жила и работала в Лос Анджелесе, занималась в том числе сайт-спесифик событиями и довольно много посвятила времени исследованию месту своего обитания. Однажды я ехала в такси по Вермонт авеню, и поворачивая направо на бульвар, обратила внимание на небольшой зеленый холм, покрытый оливковыми деревьями. Холмы и оливковые деревья для Лос Анджелеса это обычное […]

  • I ❤ commute

    I ❤ commute

    Hey there! I’ve been developing this new project of mine and testing out some audio content. It’s basically going to be a secret healing game embedded into modern transit systems. A podcast with audio readings, interviews with scientists, philosophers, and creative professionals, meditations for sleepy and exhausted commuters. So check it out, folks! I ❤ […]

  • Daniela Rodríguez Martinez. Cinematographer

    Daniela Rodríguez Martinez. Cinematographer

    Daniela Rodríguez Martinez not only has a deep knowledge of cinematographer’s craft but she is also that unique type of person, who is naturally curious. Here at The Daily Dreamer, we believe that curiosity is the main driving power of both worlds. The real one, and the one you dream about. Daniela was born in […]

  • Taiyo Nobata. Daily Dreamer’s Production designer

    Taiyo Nobata. Daily Dreamer’s Production designer

    Today we want you to meet our Production designer, Taiyo Nobata. He originates from Tokyo and has a background in Industrial Design. Taiyo has started his career in film as a set dresser back in Japan, and since he got his diploma at LA film school, he has been working as Production Designer & Art […]

  • Lucrecia de León. The dream spy

    Lucrecia de León. The dream spy

    The Golden Age of Spain, which began in the momentous and controversial 1492, existed for less than two centuries and brought incredible wealth to the world in the field of geography, science and the arts. On the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Spanish empire was atop of it’s military glory, society […]